About Us

Our purpose is to fulfill our mission while honouring the trust that has been placed on us. As we do so, strive to enhance the lives of those who work with us, those who work for us, our clients, and the communities we serve.

Swanfair Trade Attack (Pvt) Ltd is an international company headquartered in Zimbabwe and has operations in China and Asia. The company is owned and operated by highly skilled, experienced and patriotic entrepreneurs with a strong passion for the development of Zimbabwe.

Swanfair Trade Attack (Pvt) Ltd core business focus is to establish a footprint in the global market as a successful enterprise through clearly defined focus areas, viz.  Car Hire, Motor Spares, All Electricals – Home and Office Appliances, Clothing, Hardware and Tools, Phones and Gadgets, Visas and Financial Services.

Our Team

Mr S. Chirisa


Co-founder of SWANFAIR TRADE ATTACK PVT LTD and brings a wealth of experience in Finance and Information Systems. He holds a Degree in Information Technology, Diploma in Business Administration , Diploma in Engineering . He has worked for several companies and has more than 16 years experience. He also brings international experience as he worked in Asia (China) for more than 10 years.

Mrs N. Chirisa

managing director

Mrs N Chirisa holds an International Diploma in Business Administration . She brings a lot of experience in Customer Service Management, Information on International Markets and Global business and supply chain management. She has more than 10 years of working experience as she worked in Asia (China) for more than 6 years .

M. Chavunduka

finance manager

Mr M Chavhunduka holds a Diploma in Accountancy, Diploma in Banking and Finance (IOBZ). He has worked for several companies and has more than 10 years experience he worked in Asia (China) for 3 years.

Braveman QIIZA

transport manager

Has vast experience in the area of operations and has more than 14 years working experience both locally and internationally. He holds a degree in Logistics and Management. He has lots of international exposure and knowledge.